Au revoir

I have finally emptied out all my thoughts on vocal caching for dancers. At least for now.. It is a progress and I am still learning. This blog has helped me be more concrete in my teaching. Hopefully there has been some tools for you to use in in your quest for learning more about […]

Do something

In our day and age, there is usually a shortage of hours in a day. That means, that we do not always prioritize practising. I think most of us think we have to train for hours… but a little goes a long way. We can practise 5, 10, 22 or 60 minutes. Depending what we […]

Back to the roots

Once in a while it is a good thing to revisit where everything started for you. Where was it you first got interested in dance? How did it make you feel? Was it a classical piece? If yes – which one? What´s the first modern dance piece that made an impact on you? Why? Where […]

How to feel it?

“You have to feel the music!”, he said. In any art form we are expressing ourselves (or another artist). Why is it important to feel what we are doing? Why do we have to create a coarse of action to make everything more concrete for ourselves. Why? Because we have to feel the music. YES! […]

Get into the groove

My apologies for this late monday post… I talked to my uncle the other day. He is a drummer and great musician. I had sent him a recording of some songs i recorded with my “amateur – rock – cover – band” last week. His opinion of music I value. He has been in the […]

Taking the stage

There is the issue of status and posture (in that relation). Especially when dancers enter the stage, they TAKE it. Everything they do is “full – out”. They have a purpose and relevance on the stage and in their movement. They just have  to walk or stand, and they are THERE  – with the audience […]

Freedom within a form

As dancers you have to keep the middle section of the body strong. The core. This is so the rest of your limbs are free to move. Even though, as singers,  our “engine” is in the centre of our torso, our horn is in the throat, up through our mouth  and passed our lips. From […]